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I shared the following message in a post, a while back, in my Facebook group, and imagine my surprise when members started posting imperfect photos of their Montessori home environments! It soon became one of the most popular threads, so I decided to bring it to my private blog so other moms can see how 'not so perfect Montessori moms' can be [click here to read the FULL post]: 

There are a lot of beautiful photos of Montessori home environments that are shared online, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Montessori blogs, but we don't want moms who DON'T have picture-perfect Montessori in the home to despair! (I, Lisa Nolan, lived in a small apartment until our son was…


In this sample audio file/podcast episode, "How to Save $ Buying Materials on Amazon, Part 2" I share more of my secret tips and tricks for how to save money when shopping for Montessori materials on Amazon! Listen here (16 minutes): #24 Save Money on Amazon.mp3. Examples of the three drop-ship sellers I mentioned in the podcast:  Curious Minds Busy Bags***Amazing Montessori***Callie's Corner. Links to Montessori deals pages I mentioned in the podcast: and…