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In this audio file/podcast episode, "How to Save $ Buying Materials on Amazon, Part Two," I share more of my secret tips and tricks for how to save money when shopping for Montessori materials on Amazon! Listen here (16 minutes): #24 Save Money on Amazon Part 2.mp3. Examples of the three drop-ship sellers I mentioned in the podcast:

Links to Montessori deals pages I mentioned in the podcast: 


Listen to my book chat and review (part one of four audio files) of Nature Play at Home: Creating Outdoor Spaces That Connect Children with the Natural World, written by Nancy Striniste and newly published (2019)! I LOVED this book! Five hundred stars; ) Listen below (17 minutes, part 1 of 4).~Lisa Nolan

"A magnificent resource for transforming backyards into stimulating environments which enhance children’s creativity, learning, and fun."—Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the WoodsThe Nature Principle, and Vitamin N

Description from Goodreads: Access to technology has created a generation of children who are more plugged in than ever before—often with negative consequences. But there is a solution. Unrestricted outdoor play helps reduce stress, improve health, and enhance creativity,…


"Where is Lisa going with all this Montessori and reading and writing and brain development..." my members and subscribers must have been asking themselves, "And will she address the cost of Montessori materials, as well as the utilization of alternatives, especially for 'late bloomers'?  Will she address--not only literacy in a Waldorf setting, but, for example, Nature-or-forest-school alternatives?"

#41 Where am I going with all this reading, writing, and brain development.mp3

Listen--and find out where I am headed (8 minutes)!~Lisa Nolan