Six- to Nine-Year-Old Lower Elementary Montessori Homeschool


​I'm thrilled to have found your resources. Your material is fantastic! I have 5 & 8 yr old boys who have been in Montessori school since age 3. I can't afford it any more so they are at home this year.~J. P.

What's included in Montessori Homeschool Lower Elementary when you become a member: 

My Montessori lower elementary PDFs with lesson activities in Math, Fractions & Geometry, Language & Grammar, Science & Physics, Geography, History & Cosmic Education, Botany & Zoology. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers. (For free--at no extra cost--when you become a 6 to 9 or 0 to 9 member!)

My Montessori PDFs also include articles on Creating a Montessori Classroom Environment In a Nutshell; Montessori Environment Shelves; The Elementary Child; The Elementary Environment; The Montessori Adult; and The Three Period Lesson.

And much more!

More info: 

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