Montessori for Toddlers and Two- and Three-Year-Olds

I finally had a chance to explore your program and I must say that I really LOVE it.  The information you share is amazing!  The sites that you have listed and the YouTube videos are filled with more information than I ever expected for the small fee that you charge.  I am so happy to have found you!!  The children in my care and I will benefit from your ideas and research.  Thanks again for all of the guidance.~Pam K. 

What's included in Montessori Twos and Threes when you become a member:

1. Lisa Nolan's Montessori lesson activities for twos and threes in Practical Life, Sensorial, Zoology, Science, Art, Language, Math, Geography, and Social Grace & Courtesy. Most lessons have pictures, some have photo galleries, and others are text only. They are easy to download and save to your computer. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers.

2. Lisa Nolan's Montessori articles and FAQs for twos and threes.

3. Website access to other Montessori resources for twos and threes including recommended books, blogs, websites, and articles.​​

4. Lisa Nolan's password protected photo galleries.

5. Lisa Nolan's suggested monthly timelines.

More info:

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